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Cloud first is the new normal for healthcare organizations. However, embracing the cloud can be a complex and unique journey for each organization. Our expertise in healthcare processes, infrastructure management, and cloud-native engineering enables us to accelerate the cloud journey for healthcare organizations. With our proven frameworks we help determine the optimal path for migration and management of a hybrid cloud strategy. Leveraging a strong partner ecosystem with AWS, Azure, and Salesforce, and our IP innovations, we ensure that healthcare organizations can harness the power of the cloud, driving operational efficiency, data security, and innovation.

Key Partnerships

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Cloud Migration

Healthcare organizations are now embracing the cloud to drive benefits such as scalability, cost savings, flexibility, and efficiency. Defining and implementing a cloud migration strategy can be a daunting and disruptive task. Our cloud migration bundle services come with proven methodologies to support fast, cost-effective, and smooth migration to cloud.

Cloud Essentials

Managing cloud or hybrid infrastructure needs specialized skills sets. Our cloud essential services enable healthcare organizations to achieve operational excellence by optimizing performance, increasing productivity, security, and compliance.

Cloud Engineering

Our cloud engineering services help organizations innovate and reimagine their application journey through cloud transformation. We enable a complete roadmap by building cloud native applications, DevOps and provisioning automations, end user computing, edge and IoT solutions on cloud. Our extensive data and analytics capabilities help organizations build their data lakes and analytics dashboards for value-based care.

SaaS Enablement

Building SaaS models is never easy. The development team needs to look at numerous technological nuances to make a SaaS model agile and scalable. Our cloud expertise helps organizations navigate through the tough decisions to be made in multi-tenancy models, metering and costing models, deployments, infrastructure management, and support.


Why Us?

Come with proven cloud migration approach
Proven cloud suitability assessment framework
Strong partner ecosystem



CloudGain is a cost optimization tool that enables full control over cloud costs. It mines billing details and usage over a period of time to analyze and recommend reductions in cloud spend. It helps organizations with complete visibility, optimizations and cost savings, timely alerts, and recommendations.

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