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Salesforce driven Healthcare Transformation

Enhancing Member Experience with
Salesforce Expertise


GS Lab | GAVS is a Salesforce Consulting Partner and trusted leader in designing, implementing, and driving transformational experiences with Salesforce solutions. Salesforce provides healthcare companies, viz., Providers, Payers, Medical Devices, and Life Sciences organizations, solutions that enable workflow optimization, enhanced quality of patient services, and development of innovative products that meet the ever-evolving needs of patients, members, and healthcare professionals.

4.5 Rating
60+ Salesforce Platform Certifications
19+ years of developing and maintaining IT solutions and services
Experienced developers with Salesforce and MuleSoft Expertise
3 certified connectors published on MuleSoft Anypoint Exchange

Leveraging Salesforce to build transformative Healthcare solutions for Providers and Payors

With our strong Salesforce Team, we have successfully implemented Salesforce solutions including Health Cloud. Our solutions on the Salesforce platform seamlessly integrate data from various healthIT systems into one centralized hub, eliminating the need to switch between multiple systems.

Our Key Salesforce offerings in Healthcare

Strengthering healthcare provider and patient relationships

GS Lab | GAVS Salesforce experts are specialized in helping healthcare providers create a patient-centric approach to care delivery by leveraging the power of our Salesforce and Digital Front Door services. We offer patients a seamless and personalized healthcare experience, while simultaneously improving operational efficiency, patient engagement, and communication.

Outreach & Marketing

Enabled by Marketing Cloud

  • Define and create target segments for campaigns
Event & Brand Management
  • Omni channel campaign design and execution
  • Educational events relevant to patients
  • Patient acquisition
  • Physician referral promotions
  • Market services
Patient Experience & Care Management

Enabled by Health Cloud, Service Cloud, Experience Cloud & MuleSoft

Digital Front Door
  • Digital patient engagement and journey management
  • Intelligent appointment management
  • Omni-channel patient experience
Call & Inquiry Management
  • Omni-channel inquiry management from patients & physician offices
Connected Care
  • Co-ordinated care and collaborative care plans through seamless EHR integration
  • Telehealth and Remote monitoring
  • Market services
Network Management
  • Provider relationship management
  • Referral management

Improving Member Experience for payors with

Considering that improving member experience is critical for payors in healthcared industry we offer a range of Salesforce capabilities that enable payors to deliver a seamless and personalized experience for their members

Marketing & Sales

Enabled by Marketing Cloud, Sales Cloud

Lead Generation
  • Generating consumer interest / inquiry into products/services
Sales/ Renewals
  • Individual & Group sales and renewals
Brokers Relations
  • Broker registration and onboarding
Member & Network Management

Enabled by Health Cloud, Service Cloud, Experience Cloud & MuleSoft

Network Management
  • Provider onboarding and contracts management
  • Provider relationship management
  • Network optimization
Member Enrollment & Administration
  • Member enrollment & onboarding
  • Group member enrollment & onboarding
  • Group employer services
Member Services
  • Member enquiries and grievance management
  • Member engagement

A 360° view of our Salesforce Expertise

With a balanced mix of architects, leads, developers, administrators and QA professionals, GS Lab | GAVS enables seamless workflows, analytics, reports and dashboards, spanning across Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Experience Cloud, Health Cloud, Integration Cloud, and Commerce Cloud, accelerating the digital transformation of healthcare companies.

Healthcare Industry Expertise

Cybersecurity Services | Product Engineering Development | Business Process Automation | Data Modernization | Operations Management | Health Cloud Enablement 

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