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Intelligent, Secure, Scalable Technology Solutions for the Providers of Tomorrow

With rapidly progressing technologies and standards for healthcare, many disseminated systems that exist in provider environments do not service stakeholders efficiently. We enable healthcare organizations to improve patient management operations end-to-end with solutions that address gaps in patient care delivery processes.

Value Delivered to Healthcare Customers


savings in total cost of operations


increase in clinician productivity


increase in patient-caregiver interactions


improvement in productivity


availability of business-critical work systems

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Focus Areas

Digital Front Door/ Conversational Assistants

Our digital front door solution provides a platform that envelops all patient facing initiatives to provide an intuitive and user-friendly interface. Our expertise in NLP, AI, and ML enables development of conversational assistants that provide patients a systematic and cohesive experience with features such as virtual triaging and symptom checking.

Clinical Service Desk

Our clinical service desk is staffed with seasoned specialists with knowledge of major hospital clinical systems and business information systems, providing 24/7 support to clinicians thereby improving overall clinician experience and enabling them to focus on patient care.


Our mHealth practice is focused on enabling providers to deliver patient centric experiences while staying engaged with the patient population throughout their care journeys with user-friendly applications that are intuitive, compliant, and secure.

Clinical Data Management

Our clinical data management solutions enable providers to utilize clinical data to address operational health outcomes in patient care delivery and to address strategic business needs. With the increase in adoption of value-based care delivery, our solutions ensure that healthcare organizations leverage the full potential of clinical information.

EHR Integration

EHR integration services enable providers to upgrade their existing siloed systems to integrated environments. We provide the necessary insights at points of care and our intelligent dashboards unearth the true potential of data within EHRs for synchronized patient care plans and accurate, streamlined clinical operations.

FHIR Implementation

We create customized interoperability solutions according to specific requirements of the organization. We help establish and implement data and security policies per the HL7 FHIR standard, along with reintegration and remediation of data feeds.

Blockchain Based Data
Fabric Framework

Blockchain based data fabric framework Rhodium provides solutions to long-standing data integration challenges faced by data and analytics leaders in the healthcare ecosystem. Rhodium helps create a unified data environment, and provides capabilities for built-in data quality, metadata/ master data management, data governance, and secure data sharing, among others.

Clinical/ Disease Intelligence

Our expertise in clinical intelligence helps in developing applications and dashboards that empower providers with evidence-based guidance and clinical decision support. We provide fast, accurate, end-to-end support that doctors need for enhanced quality of patient care and improved health outcomes, from data preparation to predictive analytics.

Population Health Analytics

Our population health analytics unlocks the potential of EHRs, community health assessments, and other health data sources to identify key health disparities that help providers address community health needs proactively. Impact analysis allows for hospitals to analyze the primary contributors within and outside the healthcare system for maximum health impact and return on investment.

IoMT/ Device Intelligence

Our IoT services help hospitals improve productivity, reduce costs, and enhance disease management by enabling tracking of patient stats from wearables for personalized attention, and by combining technology with doctor consults. Other impact areas include real-time monitoring of medical equipment and personnel, asset management, virtual alert mechanisms, and tracking of patient medical adherence.

Operational and Financial Intelligence

Our operational and financial intelligence services enable providers to improve their operational and financial management by synchronizing people, processes, and technologies for continuous and seamless operations. Intelligent dashboarding empowers hospitals to identify and track KPIs for actionable insights to drive proactive and strategic management of operational and financial aspects.

Intelligent Automation

Our AI/ML, RPA, NLP, and OCR services enable auto execution of processes by capturing data and providing insights for intelligent automation. Our services are centered around cognitive processing of information allowing hospitals to digitize patient records, maintain inventory, address regulatory compliance, identify patterns in population health data through automated analytics, and make informed predictions for targeted action.

Clinical Applications Support

Our expertise in development and support of clinical applications for large and complex health systems helps deliver higher efficiencies through automation, elimination of functional redundancies, application of LEAN principles, and portfolio rationalization. We also support functional and technical enhancements, testing, and release management across the application lifecycle for futuristic transformation of clinical applications.

Virtual Desktop Solution – zDesk

Our Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) and Desktop as a Service (DaaS) solution zDesk guarantees seamless adoption of virtual desktops and flawless user experience. zDesk provides improved security of provider systems and enhances mobility of medical coders and other administrative personnel with HIPAA certified PHI security. zDesk is a single-vendor solution with zero-layer architecture that makes it rapidly deployable and scalable.

Key Technology Competencies

Cloud Enablement
Avail the benefits of accessibility, scalability, availability, and enhanced patient experience through our cloud enablement services.
Build a secure foundation of robust growth with our end-to-end cybersecurity solutions.
AI Led Infrastructure Management
Move towards becoming a zero clinical interruptions healthcare enterprise, through increased reliability of critical clinical infrastructure, applications, and services with our AI-led infrastructure management.
Healthcare Analytics
Build an insights-driven healthcare organization with advanced analytics for operational, clinical, and financial departments.
Interoperability and Integration
Accelerate your journey towards connected and compliant healthcare with our integration and interoperability services.
AI as a Service
Unlock the value of predictive and prescriptive analytics with our AI as a Service (AIaaS) model.
Leverage the complete value of RPA and digital process automation tools with our AI powered intelligent automation services.

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