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Meaningful Outcomes from Your
Multimedia Repository


Multimedia forms an integral part of all digital products built today. As the size and complexity of media collections increase, building scalable products and harvesting helpful information becomes top priority for product differentiation.

We help product companies build large scale multimedia collection systems and analyze them to derive useful information for various use cases in communications, security, healthcare, forensics, people analytics, marketing, and social media.

Our teams have deep expertise across digital signal processing, video streaming protocols, streaming frameworks, visual analytics, image analytics, video analytics, AI/ML tools and techniques. In addition, our R&D-driven mindset helps us engineer new features, build products and their integrations, and improve scalability through our cloud and performance engineering expertise.

Offerings and Solutions

Text, Audio, Speech, and Images

  • Text analytics
  • Speech recognition
  • Noise suppression
  • Object identification
  • Facial recognition
  • Analysis based applications


  • Cloud-based VMS
  • Cloud-based video surveillance system
  • Low latency high resolution image and video compression
  • User and alert management systems
  • Camera health monitoring
  • Event detection and handling

Multimedia and Streaming

  • Multimodal analytics
  • Data pre-processing, augmentation, quality assessment, post processing
  • Audio/video codecs
  • Cloud-based transcoding
  • Content delivery network
  • Streaming protocols like WebRTC, HLS, MPEG-DASH, RTMP, RTSP
  • Streaming frameworks like GStreamer, FFMpeg, Jitsi, Kurento

New at GS Lab | GAVS

AI/ML Based Multimedia Analytics Research Hub

An AI/ML based tool that utilizes supervised deep learning methods to filter out unwanted background noise without degrading the signal of interest.
Single Cell Classification – Human Protein Atlas
Our approach to solving a use case for Kaggle competition enabled segmentation and classification of cell-level labels from image-level labels.
Video KYC Solution
An AI/ML based KYC solution that enables face match, eKYC, geo-tagging, and liveness detection.

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