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Open Source

End-to-End 5G Infrastructure Engineering for
Cloud Native Architecture


Architecting Innovations in ONF’s OMEC and Aether

We are architects, maintainers, and contributors to ONF’s OMEC and Aether projects. We have contributed to OMEC’s
control plane (SGW, PGW) and user plane (SGW, PGW) along with contributions for MME, HSS, Database, PCRF,
CTF, CDF, and SGXCDR modules.

OMEC is the 1st fully featured and scalable open-source EPC built for high performance. It is designed to be used as a standalone EPC with both mobile and fixed subscriber management functions. It is designed to handle the huge inflow of new devices coming online because of 5G and IoT expansion.

Aether is an open-source platform optimized for multi-cloud deployments, and it simultaneously supports wireless devices over licensed, unlicensed, and lightly licensed (CBRS) spectrums.

Aether is the first open-source, enterprise 5G/LTE Edge-Cloud-as-a-Service platform (ECaaS). It provides mobile connectivity and edge cloud services for distributed enterprise networks, all provisioned and managed from a centralized cloud.


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