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Business Resilience

Ensuring Seamless Business Continuity
and Enhanced Resilience


Continuity of business operations during disruption and quick recovery of critical functions involves improving enterprise resiliency through proactive identification and remediation of potential risks, crisis management, and establishment of comprehensive recovery procedures. We enable customers to set up a robust business resiliency process with regulatory frameworks, ensuring complete visibility, continuous monitoring, and good response systems that mitigate damage and minimize disruption. Our implementation approach is based on best practices from ISO 22301 and BCI (Good Practice Guidelines). With advanced planning, preparation, testing, periodic reviews, and extensive collaboration with BCP product vendors, we ensure a smooth transition to normal business operations with negligible downtime.


Minimal impact to critical business operations during a disaster
Quick and complete recovery from the disruption
Strict adherence to ISO standards and BCI guidelines

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BCMS Implementation
Analysis and evaluation of existing disaster recovery plans
DR Program Management
Effective restoration of IT infrastructure and business operations post-disaster
BCP Policies and Standards
Identifying systems that should be maintained according to standards and guidelines
Business Impact Analysis (BIA)
Analyzing systems and information during a time of disruption
BCP and Testing
A comprehensive plan to continue business operations incorporating testing methods to check the usability and effectiveness of the business
DR Plan and Testing
Risk assessment while ensuring an up-to-date plan for disaster recovery

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