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Data Privacy

Reducing Risks with End-to-End
Data Privacy and Data Protection


Businesses around the globe are facing escalated data security risks. Data breaches can be expensive, costing the company millions of dollars in data recovery and reputational damage. Enterprises possessing personal and sensitive information of customers need to safeguard the data and identities. Our data privacy services and solutions are designed to help organizations protect their information over the full data lifecycle – from acquisition to disposal. As businesses adjust to growing regulations, we have developed robust and cost-effective privacy programs for better scale and performance. Our service offerings help organizations adhere to data privacy best practices and regulatory compliance in a constantly evolving threat environment and regulatory landscape. In any misuse of data or breach of personal information, we help in forensic identification of the scope and nature of the data breach, and effective remediation and reporting of the event.


Data Privacy Office (DPO) with standard templates, playbooks, and guidelines
Anonymization and pseudonymization to enable data analytics
Dedicated Data Privacy Officer (DPO) as intermediary between the organization and regional supervisory authorities
Empowerment of the key principles – transparency, legitimate purpose, proportionality
Dedicated certified privacy specialists with superior contextual knowledge of customer environment
Regular audits to ensure compliance and to proactively address potential data privacy risks

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DPO as a Service
Data classification and data discovery, database encryption, data loss prevention, enhanced computation and analytics
Data Classification
Providing ease of access, risk mitigation, and management of data governance mandates by protecting data based on specific criteria
Privacy Policies and Standards
Building privacy principles, integrating with enterprise standards, following privacy best practices, and implementing privacy (GDPR, CCPA, PDPB)
Privacy Incident Management
Improving incident visibility and identification of potential incidents
Taking appropriate measures to protect personal data
Data Security Governance
Information Security Office (ISO), cyber governance, cybersecurity management
Protecting privacy by design, identifying and mitigating risks associated with the processing of personal data

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